What We Do:


  • Direct, personal introductions


  • Networking; especially collaboration with industry experts


  • Customized direct mail


  • “Educational” or other value-add materials useful to an owner


  • Development of client- and opportunity-specific presentations and collateral


  • Timely, non-intrusive follow-ups

Representative clients for deal sourcing projects include:

Private Equity Deal Sourcing

How we do it:

  • Personal, individual contacts


  • Sensitivity regarding their potential interest and timing for a transition


  • Identify ways to add value regardless of deal interest…towards establishing a relationship


  • In short, with respect for the potential seller, while facilitating deal potential when the time is right.


Platform deal sourcing:


  • Mason Wells 


  • Hammond Kennedy Whitney 


  • Silver Oak Services Partners

Add-on deal sourcing for portfolio
companies of: 
  • GTCR


  • ABRY Partners


  • TPG Capital 


  • Oaktree Capital