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How the Deal Was Done:  Asking the right questions

How the Deal Was Done: Asking the right questions - Joe Feldman
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2019 | How the Deal Was Done Podcast Series
M&A meet CIA
M & A Meet CIA

Three lessons deal-makers can learn from central intelligence failures

Jan 2019


2018 | Private Directors Association Video Series
Director Insights:  Improving Your Company’s Odds of a Successful Acquisition

How early should an aquirer begin integration planning?

2018 | CFO Leadership Council blog series 
Key Success Drivers In Deal Negotiations: Part III in Acquisition Strategy Series

June 2018

Middle Markets
Tom Stewart, Executive Director of the National Center for the Middle Market, talks with Joe Feldman about surprises during the M&A process.

February 2018

2018 | More Articles and Insights
Strategic, Organizational, and Technical Surpirses: Essential Preparation for Successful M&A


CIO Review

May 2017



Mid-market M&A:  The Valuation Gap


​ Firmex/MergerMarket

March 2016

Jenny Hammond, London-based World Finance, interviews Joe Feldman on acquisition trends, due diligence, synergies, cross border deals

April 2015


Publications - Middle Market

Middle Market Acquisitions: What’s So Hard?©

May 2012


Seventy Voices of Experience on Meeting the Challenges of Middle Market Acquisitions. Findings from an Online Interview of Middle Market Executives, Investors, and Advisors.

Thinking About Thinking About Selling Your Business®: Maximizing value from the sale of a privately-owned business

  • Three questions of prospective buyers

  • Essential preparations to sell

  • Assembling your team

  • Presenting the opportunity

  • Satisfying due diligence

  • Where should an owner focus?

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Middle Market Acquisitions: If I Had Only Known©

March 2015


Actionable recommendations for anticipating and preparing for inevitable deal surprises. Learnings from online interviews with over 80 executives and advisers, plus 3 in-depth interviews.


A Briefing for Owners of Middle Market Companies on Private Equity Firms as Potential Acquirers/Investors

  • Top Reasons Private Equity Firms Invest in Middle Market Companies 

  • What to Look for in a Private Equity Investor 

  • What to Expect in a Sale Process 

  • By the Way, What’s a Private Equity Investor?

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Publications - Entrepreneurship

Financing Strategies for Growing Companies

  • Basics: equity and debt financing

  • Investors and risk profiles

  • Investors’ investors

  • Dilution

  • Agreeing on price

  • Non-dilutive capital

Hockey Sticks are for the NHL … Start-up company financial projections that matter

  • Value creation, risk reduction

  • Funding/cash required through launch, scale-up, and ongoing operation

  • Avoiding “hockey stick” projections

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Venture Validation

  • Essential elements:  product/service, talent, capital

  • Feasibility:  does it work; will they buy?

  • Customer view:  valuable, available, low-risk

  • "Build a better mousetrap..."?

  • Protecting uniqueness

  • Capital:  creating value, reducing risk

Bringing Breakthrough Technologies to Market: A primer on "channel to market"

  • Disruptive innovations

  • Reaching customers:  benefits/value, features, limitations

  • Case study:  Searle's aspartame sweetener

  • Channel to market

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